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5 Reasons Engagement Will Drive Almost All Future Church Growth

2. Attendance naturally grows out of engagement.

As the Christian movement grew and it became the official religion of the Roman Empire, mere church ‘attendance’ became an option.

Fast forward to our lifetime, and even in growing, effective churches, attendance had become an established path to engagement.

The big idea was this: Come, and eventually you’ll get engaged.

That worked (quite effectively, actually) when people used to flock to church.

But in an era when the number of unchurched is constantly on the rise and even Christians don’t attend church as often anymore (here are 10 reasons for that), that strategy is becoming less and less effective.

Yet, many churches (even growing churches) are still counting on getting people to attend, hoping it drives engagement.

The shelf life on that strategy is limited because the number of people who want to attend church drops every year.

Consequently, in the future church attendance won’t drive engagement; engagement will drive attendance.

The goal will become to get people engaged faster and to engage people more deeply in the true mission of the church. (I’ll blog on how to do that next week.)

In the future, the engaged will attend because, in large measure, only the engaged will remain.

3. Trying to attract people in a post-Christian culture can work against the mission.

I am all for making church as attractive and accessible as possible.

But in the future if that’s your only approach (better lights, cooler vibe, hoping people will come), you will get diminishing results. (I wrote on the death and rebirth of cool church here.)

Why is that?

Well, as outlined above, when attendance was more normative and in some senses ‘automatic’ in our culture, attraction was a decent strategy.

Because people would go to church, creating a better church was a good approach.

But (and here’s the underbelly), it also fed into consumerism.

Consumerism has defined the last century of North American and Western culture.

To some extent, the attractional church has played into consumerism. Build something attractive and people will come.