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Jill Lynn Buteyn Discusses What Every Leader Needs to Know About Walking Others Through Pain and Suffering

Jill Lynn Buteyn is an author who writes contemporary Christian fiction and she just completed a non-fiction book she co-authored with Kara Tippetts called Just Show Up about The Dance of Walking through Suffering Together.

In our recent podcast episode, Jill shared about her friendship with Kara and how she showed up for Kara’s battle with cancer. It’s a moving conversation and we have much to learn from their story on walking with people who are suffering.

Big Questions:

What’s the first step in reaching out and showing up to someone who’s suffering?

How can silence be a gift when we’re walking through something difficult with someone?

How do you process her death and prayers that were not answered how you wanted?

What is the biggest thing you learned from Kara in her life and death?

Quotes from Jill Lynn Buteyn:

One of the first things she did when she found out she had cancer was she asked the pastors to pray she would be kind to her children.

I think Kara was just so great at loving people, I mean it boils down to that. We say “community,” but she just loved people really big.

Whatever is on your heart is a good place to start.

The way that Kara accepted help really built her community around her even in the beginning, and she let people in.

I saw the hurt that can come in those situations when we try to fix someone instead of walking with them.

Loving on Kara in that way was the best gift she could give us. Letting us help; because we had nothing else. We were watching her suffer, and knowing we were going to lose her, and it was so incredibly painful. Getting to love on her was so amazing.

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