Mark Sayers: An Anxious, Post-Christian Culture Is Longing for Hope

“I think we’re going to see a lot of cultural Christianity burn off from the Western church. And I think that’s already happening at different rates in different places. I know here in Australia that’s happened already a lot.”

“I think if you’re a Millennial coming to my church and you’re a Christian in 21st-century Melbourne, Australia, you’re not a cultural Christian.” 

“I see [the church in the future] as a church that is more disciplined, more hungry, more of a remnant, more pure in a sense.”

“Humans, to be healthy and happy, need a balance of meaning and freedom.”

“When you’re freedom is limited and you’re fighting for freedom, an interesting thing happens: you actually get meaning.”

“When you get beyond a certain level of freedom, you move from the benefits of freedom into the anxiety of choice paradox.”

“We used to say, ‘No one’s going to walk through the doors of your church any more looking for a place to worship’…I’m finding they are now.”

“I believe in missions, we still need to go…but we’ve also got people coming to us.”

“Who are the groups that God’s actually doing something about in your community?”

“The gap between what the cultures promises and what it delivers is getting bigger.”

“If you read Acts, you will find a very honest assessment of what the church will look like going forward.”

“I can easily point a finger outwards, but I continually, every day, have to face the choice as a local pastor of, ‘Am I going to do this in my own power, or am I going to actually let Jesus’ arm and His strength do it for me’?”

“My heart and passion and hope for renewal corporately is birthed out of an internal personal renewal.” 

“If we want the culture to intimately fall in love with God again, we need to intimately fall in love with God again.”

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Reappearing Church: The Hope for Renewal in the Rise of Our Post-Christian Culture by Mark Sayers
Revival by Martyn Lloyd-Jones
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Jason Daye
As Director of Ministry Development for Outreach, Inc., Jason dedicates his time to encouraging and equipping churches, denominations and ministry organizations to develop their Kingdom effectiveness by creating a culture that is both incarnational and invitational. Jason lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his beautiful wife and six children, where he enjoys hiking with his family, fighting rainbow trout, summiting 14ers and swapping stories with good friends. Connect with him on Twitter @jasondaye