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Wilfredo de Jesús: How (Not) To Turn Your Sermon Points Into Stop Signs

“My sermon would not only go to me, but I had campus pastors who would also read them.”

“If I preached on a Sunday, Monday, I kind of reviewed my sermon from last week. I would look at it, maybe on a video, what I did right, what I didn’t do right.”

“I need to own the sermon. If in any way I didn’t own the sermon, it would come out clunky to the people on Sunday.”

“There has to be a motif in the sermon that can connect from one point to another point.”

“For me, I kind of put lenses on each angle…let’s say Zacchaeus, for a moment…I will go from his perspective. I would put a camera on the tree. And what is he seeing? I would put a camera on some of the spectators that are walking with Jesus. And so what are they seeing? So for me, [the camera idea] helps me create and formulate a thought process so that I don’t go wander.”

“Preaching is like taking off on a plane. It’s pretty much easy in the takeoff. But, boy, when you start going to 30,000 feet, you better know when to land this thing.”

“If I don’t accomplish [helping the audience see what I see], I feel like I didn’t get through enough.”

“If [I’m leading] a teaching of leadership and a seminar? I might say, these are seven principles that will help you. But on a sermon on a Sunday morning, take them on the road.”

“I’m better off with storytelling when—and I’m not against having some points…But I don’t want to create any stop signs when it comes to one of my sermons.”

“I’ll say it without telling them that it’s a point. Because I want to fit so well into my sermon narrative.”

“[Pentecostals] are very passionate people about the move of the Holy Spirit.”

“I think Pentecostal preachers come with this fire and commitment to the gospel, the commitment to the Holy Spirit.”

“I’m not stuck to the text. If I’m sensing the Lord leading in a different way…I will go down the path I’m sensing the Holy Spirit leading me this way. So that’s something different from other preachers.”

“I tell people back in church, the only one that can change the order of service for us Pentecostals is the Holy Spirit.”

“At least in New Life Covenant, we always did the benediction at the end, and that was a bookend. People knew this is how we’re going to end it. And a lot of our Catholics, they got saved, they loved the ending. They love the pastor’s blessing. So that’s a tradition that I held on to passing.”

“I didn’t feel that the Catholic Church was addressing some of those issues like prostitution, human trafficking, drug addiction. And as a result of that, being Latino, being a Hispanic, that caused me to reach out.”

“The Assemblies of God grew in the 2000s because of the Hispanic culture and our aggressive approach to storms, to go reach people that are outside of our four walls.”