Life is All About Timing

I have been praying for God to bring restoration in a personal matter for some time, and it’s difficult to understand sometimes why my prayer seems to go unanswered. Some people are praying for restoration of health or finances or a relationship or a career. And we wonder why God is not moving in the way we are asking him to.

“I, the Lord, will bring it all to pass at the right time.” Isaiah 60:22

What a promise! Isaiah reminds us that God is in control of everything. He will bring it to pass at just the right time–his time. This is true, of course, for Bible prophecy, especially the Second Coming, which is the direct context of this passage. Jesus’ return and all the end times stuff is in God’s hands and all we need do is trust him. But this is also true in the everyday circumstances of life.

“The Lord will bring it all to pass at the right time.” Now, it may not come to pass until Jesus returns and gives me a new body and brings a new earth. Or he may choose to answer my prayer and restore things right now, but those things are temporary anyway. Either way, God is orchestrating everything to bring about his plans. What I never want to forget is that he is at work and that he loves me. He is for me … even in the midst of uncertain life circumstances.

Reading this chapter could not have come at a better time for me today. I was feeling depressed and tired with some current circumstances. Truthfully, I just felt like giving up. But I know that is not from God; that comes from the father of lies who is looking to destroy.

Satan, you are a liar! God is for me, so who can be against me? God loves me and is working all these things together for my good, because I love him and he has called me according to his purposes. The Lord will bring this all to pass at the right time! Father, you are the Sovereign Lord over all my circumstances. The timing is yours, so I will continue to trust you! 

What circumstances do you need to entrust to God today?

What do you need in order to surrender the timing of God’s answers over to him?  

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