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4 Creative Ways To Pray With Your Small Group

creative ways to pray

Prayer is a vital part of every small group gathering. It is also a part that can sometimes become routine, especially if your group prays the same way every time. But there are creative ways to pray with your small group.

4 Creative Ways to Pray with Your Small Group

1. Go for a Prayer Walk in your neighborhood(s) 

In addition to praying for those right in your neighborhood, you’ll reap some other benefits, such as getting exercise, fresh air, and beautiful scenery.  A prayer walk offers a nice change of scenery from the usual room where your group usually gathers and prays, and is a great opportunity to pray for specific people (your neighbors) to come to know Christ.   During your prayer walks, you can pray for specific opportunities to see and meet a need in their lives; for open doors and open hearts!  A prayer walk can also be used to spread some encouragement (such as crafting stones with Scriptures on them, or simple words such as peace, love, joy, hope, faith, and leaving them by mailboxes as you walk and pray).  Prayer walks can also turn into an outreach opportunity by sharing with people you pass by that you are praying for them, asking if there is anything specific you can pray for them.  You could also extend invitations to join you at church or your small group one night.

2. Community Prayer

Challenge your small group members to find out what is happening within their local communities – what trials are people facing, what are the needs of the people around you? Ask that each group member come to your group with at least one prayer/need. Compile a group list of these prayers and needs. That list will be the focus of your group’s prayer time. Ask for the Spirit’s help in identifying how God might want to use your group to love, encourage, and meet the needs of those around you. Create a follow-up plan, as the Spirit leads.