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Free Album Download: “My Life is Hid with Christ” by The Well Music

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NoiseTrade recommends this album for fans of Page CXVI, Loud Harp, Young Oceans and Aaron Strumpel.

From The Well Music, “My Life Is Hid With Christ is a brief three song project written with the theme of the book of Colossians. Paul wrote the letter to the church in Colosse mostly as an encouragement, but there is also some reminding/ calling the people to repentance that happens. The church was beginning to be influenced by the culture and began blurring the lines between Jesus and the other religions of that day. So Paul writes them a sobering and encouraging letter to remember all the things that set Jesus a part as the Son of God, Savior of the world, their Hope of Glory, and the One in whom their life is hidden. He alone can save and redeem. We found these truth’s of the city of Colosse and struggles of the culture to not only parallel our city of Boulder, but also the world. So we went through the book and pulled out every character trait of God, every perspective of Jesus and His redemptive work, and then looked at where we stand as God’s adopted sons and daughters through Christ and wrote these three tunes.”

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