How to Make Your Dreams REALITY

A dream is an invisible picture of the life that God had designed specifically for YOU! I believe that God first designed our purpose and then created each and every one of us for THAT purpose.

That means you are YOU-nique!

I do not believe that we were made without a purpose, or to find our purpose.

I believe that our purpose eventually finds us through discovery, coaching or divine inspiration.

God’s dreams require us to:

  • depart from our comfort zones
  • leave the familiar
  • launch into an unknown
  • conquer our fears
  • stay dependent upon God

Dream seasons.

In my experience, every dream has particular seasons. These seasons work much like the seasons a farmer experiences in producing a crop. Every season is necessary to produce the desired fruit.

1. The season where the dream seems like a fantasy.

When the dream is first realized, it may seem like a fantasy. It may come as an intuition, an actual physical dream while sleeping, or maybe an observation from a friend that observes a certain gift or calling in your life. The first season can be labeled the “we’ll see” season.

2. The season where the dream seems so far away.

OK. We see the calling and we recognize that God is calling us to do something very specific. The next question is how. In this season, there are few or no resources. All we have is the dream, and we are ferociously passionate about reaching for it. This is the place where desperation sets in. Many dreamers experience the awful feeling of despair. This despair of soul is the result of not seeing progress toward the dream. It’s like a nightmare that haunts us.