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Volunteer Meetings: Tips to Make Them Worthwhile and Productive

Discover answers to two common youth ministry questions: "How often do you have volunteer meetings?" and "What do you do in volunteer meetings to make them worthwhile?"

How to Explain Salvation to a Teenager in Minutes

For youth ministers, the most important job requirement is knowing to how to explain salvation to a teenager. Use this visual aid to share the gospel message.

Youth Christmas Parties: 18 Ideas for Yuletide Celebrations

During December, youth workers often feel pressure to offer activities that keep pace with the season’s awesomeness. That’s why we’ve assembled 18 ideas for fantastic, memorable youth Christmas parties.

Preaching for Youth: Finding Topics for Youth Sermons

Finding great youth sermons is tough, but this is a pretty normal challenge, especially when you have to preach every Sunday! Here's how to find good topics for your youth group.

Forgiveness Illustration: Use This Video for a Youth Talk About Sin

To grab kids' attention during a youth talk about forgiveness, check out this video. It's an effective forgiveness illustration, describing what it looks like to have Jesus remove all our sins.

How to Apologize When You Mess Up in Youth Ministry

We all mess up, and we all say we're sorry. But we don't all know how to apologize well.

Youth Group Kickoff: 10 Ideas That Work Far Beyond Fall

Even if you’ve already started and planned out a good chunk of the year, listen up! Here's a veritable “idea-buffet” that can kick your youth group kickoff season into the strata of community building.

Opening Prayers for Youth Groups: 11 Ideas for Your Next Meeting

When it’s time to dive into a Bible study or message, the opening prayer you choose can make a world of difference. So we’ve collected a variety of opening prayers for youth groups that will help spark your own ideas.

How to Be a Good Emcee in Church Services: Tips for Youth

It's super-important to find the right people to host youth services and events. A young person definitely can learn how to be a good emcee in church and other settings.

Youth Group Games: 7 Easy Circle Games

Need a couple of easy youth group games to keep in your back pocket?

Christian Sex Education: 5 Reasons It Needs to Start at Home

In your family, what's your strategy for teaching Christian sex education? Christian homes should be the most open, honest and comfortable places for kids to learn and ask questions about sex.

He Already Knows the Answer, But God Still Calls Us to Pray

Recently, a question about God and faith has been stirring in my heart, especially amid great tragedy and pain and loss: If he already knows the answer and has decided the outcome, why the need for prayer?

Game of Thrones: Can You Be a Christian and Watch Certain Shows?

Can you be a Christian and watch Game of Thrones? Such inquiries usually come less in the form of genuine curiosity and more in the form of judgmental arrogance. The tone, in other words, is "How can someone possibly be a Christian and…?"

Messy Youth Group Games: Food-Related Fun for Teens

Food games are fun and creative—especially when they're messy. We've picked our top 10 messy youth group games that involve food. Now you can ensure you play the games that will cause the most mess and make the most fun!

I Can’t Stop Sinning, So What’s the Point of Stopping?

Many young people struggle with the idea of sin. Junior and senior high students tend to think, "If I can't stop sinning, then what's the point of stopping?"

Lessons on Prayer for Youth: 8 Resources to Use With Teens

By teaching intentional lessons on prayer for youth, leaders help kids establish good communication habits with God that will last a lifetime.

How to Help our Teens Deal With LGBTQ Issues

Teens today have to deal with their own confusing identity issues, as well as those of their peers.

How to Share the Gospel in 5 Minutes (Though Kids CAN Listen Longer)

Yes, it's important to know how to share the gospel in 5 minutes. But no, that's not all the time you have with kids. Their attention spans are longer than that; you just need to know how to engage them.

Teaching the Bible to Kids

There are many ways that parents can learn teaching the bible to kids and help them understand key lessons that can enhance their lives at any age.

Understanding Transgender, Non-Binary, and Intersex

We’re not just talking about an issue; we’re talking about people. Because It’s about both people and an issue, and so we must aim to be both biblical on the issue and loving to people. Especially when people are struggling with their biological sex.

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