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What Does a Godly Relationship Look Like: 4 Insights From Jesus

what does a godly relationship look like
Teenagers who attend your youth group meetings likely have many questions about relationships. They’re asking what does a godly relationship look like. And you have the opportunity to share what Jesus says about that important topic.
Let’s look at the greatest message of all time, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (from Matthew 7:1-12). It provides key insights about what kingdom-kinds of relationships and friendships look like.

What Does a Godly Relationship Look Like: 4 Descriptions From Jesus

1. Jesus speaks about this kind of relationship with a brother (7:1-5). 

We are not to be harshly judgmental (vs. 1-2). This is an over-the-top judging nature that is reserved for God on Judgment Day. Followers of Jesus should not be blindly self-righteous (vs. 3-4). Instead, we should check our motives and heart before helping our friend. Finally, do be humbly helpful (v. 5). Jesus does not say that holding a believer accountable should not happen. But accountability is still present for brothers and sisters in Christ.

2. Jesus speaks about this kind of relationship with unresponsive people (7:6). 

We shouldn’t discriminate against people who repeatedly fail to respond to God’s Truth. This might seem counter to what the rest of the Scriptures say. But maybe God wants to use another believer to help an unbeliever. Or if a believer does not receive wise counsel, at a certain point you need to “knock the dust off your feet and move on.”
Be careful who you share wise counsel with. Make sure that person will put it into practice, or else you might be wasting your time. In a way, this refers to sharing the Gospel too. At a certain point, any further effort might be counterproductive (10:11-15). At a certain point, it also may no longer be helpful.

3. Jesus speaks about this kind of relationship with God the Father (7:7-11). 

We are simply to use fervent prayer (7-8) and wait expectantly (9-11). Stay close in connection to the Father, longing and waiting for his response. This is your heartbeat.

4. Jesus speaks about this kind of relationship with everyone (7:12). 

Finally, Jesus tells us to follow the Golden Rule (see Matthew 22:37-38). Verse 12 became the Golden Rule because the Emperor Alexander Severus thought so highly of it that he had it engraved in gold on his residence wall. As a general practice, treat others as you would like to be treated.
These are good relationship reminders with fellow Christians, unresponsive people, God the Father, and everyone in general.
What do you think? What does a godly relationship look like? How can you apply these truths to your life this week?
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