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Go See Narnia This Weekend

i got to see an early screening of narnia: voyage of the dawn treader, a few weeks ago in nashville. and i really liked it. the little dude who plays eustace scrubb is an amazing piece of casting. he is so comedically annoying, it’s uncanny. there are some great effects (my favorite is the early scene where lucy and edmund, along with eustace, enter narnia through a painting).

but more than the effects or casting, or even the storyline, i loved the themes. i’ve had many people tell me voyage of the dawn treader is their favorite of the narnia books; and i can see why. strong themes of greed and redemption permeate the film. i got seriously choked up at a couple points, and laughed out loud at others.

there’s a scene where lucy is facing her greatest temptation (as they all do), which has to do with her desire to be as beautiful as she perceives her older sister to be. it’s such a powerful scene — i want every pre-teen and teenage girl to see that scene.

the only bummer, in my opinion, was the de-dragoning scene where aslan helps eustace the dragon return to eustace the boy. that section of the book is classic in its portrayal of the painful process of transformation. but it all happens too easily and too quickly in the film. a little magical shimmering, and it’s over. the point is still made, but i wanted more.

there are some great (free) resources for pastors, youth pastors, and other church leaders on the narnia faith website. i’d encourage you to check them out.

but, mostly, i encourage you to see the film during this opening weekend. opening weekend is everything in hollywood; and i’d love to see this film do well, so we can have more like it!

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