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The Relevance of Genesis

I have been a fan of Ken Ham, his speaking style (and voice), and what he continues to do through Answers in Genesis.

Recently AIG released a talk Ken gave entitled, “The Relevance of Genesis“.

In his talk (which is nearly 48minutes long), Ham reiterates the importance of the book Genesis as a core-understanding in the life of a Christian. He is right on target.

His main point, I think, is that we are free to (and many Christians choose to) believe that God could have created the world in millions of years instead of in 6-days or that God could have used evolution in the creation of man, and that such a belief does not necessarily effect our salvation, but that such a belief does undermine the relevance and authority of Scripture to generations to follow us.

Many of us know this to be true in the way Scripture has been interpreted and re-interpreted in our own lifetimes.

What do you think? Is a literal interpretation of Genesis (especially chapters 1-11) necessary to ensure Scripture’s authority for generations to come? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

One of the videos Ken Ham references in his talk is about the creation of canyons.