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Getting an Outside Perspective

This fall our Family Ministry Team at Grace Community partnered with the guys at Orange and hired in Joy Bowen to do some coaching with our team. We needed an outside perspective to help us process a staff realignment we were about to make. We called the guys at the Orange Coaching team and got some help and the experience was priceless for our team. We decided to handle two needs in one weekend. Friday night our staff gathered for a session with Joy and then the next day we held a training event for our volunteers. Because we brought someone from the outside in…

  • Our volunteers heard a fresh voice // We can’t take all our volunteers to the Orange Conference so this gave us the chance to bring a little bit of Orange home! Volunteers need fresh voices when it comes to training. Sometimes it helps to have another leader say the same things we have been saying.
  • Our staff was encouraged and challenged // We were encouraged with what we were doing well and pushed to rethink some other plans we had for the future. That is what we needed. I loved that we walked away knowing we were doing some things right and still had some things to work on!
  • We discovered some insight into what is NEXT // Our team knows now what we need to focus on in the coming year. That was the best part of partnering with Joy and the Orange Team this fall. From the outside Joy was able to see clearly what was next and pointed that out for us.

If you are interested in getting an outside perspective for what is going in with your ministry give Mark Miller an email or visit the orange website. I promise, it’s worth the investment.

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Michael is a follower of Christ, a husband, a dad and a pastor. He serves Grace Community Church in Clarksville, Tennessee as the Executive Pastor. He has served in multiple family ministry roles as a kids, student, and family pastor for 16 years. He’s also the Team Leader @ Parent Ministry for Kids and drinks way too much Diet Mountain Dew! Follow Michael on twitter at @michael_bayne.