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Enduring Hope: The Art of Mentoring Youth

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Then Moses sent his father-in-law on his way, and Jethro returned to his own country.

One fault of many youth workers is a lack of hope. We focus so much of our attention on doing things and accomplishing tasks that we often do not leave room in our lives for hope. Contrary to this reality is our calling as Christ followers. Jesus invites us to live and serve out of a fullness of hope.

Jethro’s actions with Moses reveal that hope is an enduring quality of their relationship. Jethro receives Moses, a stranger, into his home and family. Jethro blesses Moses’s calling to go and participate in God’s liberation of the people of Israel. Finally, Jethro leaves despite the difficult circumstances and enormous leadership role that Moses carries.  These types of actions aren’t done by a person focused on merely getting things done. These types of actions are done by a person who has hope that God is at work.

Are you mentoring out of hope or fear?

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Paul Sheneman is an author, speaker and youth pastor. He serves with the Macedonia Methodist Church in Ohio. He drinks way too much coffee for his own good. His main interest is exploring Christian formation. You can follow most of his ramblings on his blog at www.discipleshipremix.com or on Twitter @PaulSheneman.