A Very Full Heart

I’m not even sure how to express my gratitude today. My heart is very full and I’m a bit overwhelmed.

Let me back up.

It’s been an unbelievably tough year for my family and I. I had a job transition, we moved again (our 11th in 15 years of marriage, but who’s counting?), our kids are starting a new school, we’ve been a one car family, we’ve had lot’s of car problems and we’ve been under a great amount of financial stress getting the non profit I started off the ground. Throw in some physical stuff and it’s very well rounded.

But, in other ways it’s been one of the richest, most rewarding years we’ve EVER experienced.

God has blessed us with an amazing family. Tracie and I have been married 15 years. Our kids are incredible. We have parents and siblings who love us. We have deep friendships. We have hundreds of people praying for God to bless our non profit and my speaking ministry. We’ve been blessed in ways I couldn’t have even imagined. People have loaned us their cars for trips, we’ve received anonymous donations of PKU food and people have blessed us with financial gifts to help us get through this first year of the start up.

We are a blessed family. I am blessed man. I deserve none of it. I’m a mess and I’m broken. But, God still pursues me, He still loves me, He still uses me.

Today, well, today is a day I will remember for a long time. Our fledging non-profit received a massive gift: A mini-van!

Yeah, you heard that right, a mini-van! How does that happen?

One of the biggest hurdles we’ve had with Live Now has been reliable transportation. I’ve missed a lot of opportunities to travel to meet with schools and churches because of our car situation. Well, it’s unbelievable how God provides.

This GIANT blessing gives me  a chance to not have to worry how I will get to speaking engagements or fundraising opportunities. Every trip to date, God has provided someone who let me borrow their vehicle to use and it’s been a huge blessing. But, it’s also provided a bit of stress figuring out who to ask and how to ask and how to pick their car and all that.

My heart is full. It’s overwhelmed. It’s broken. It’s thankful. It’s grateful.

In the words of Bob Goff…”Love Does”  

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