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How to Explain Salvation to a Teenager in Minutes

how to explain salvation to a teenager

For youth ministers, the most important job requirement is knowing to how to explain salvation to a teenager. Yes, the role comes with many other perks and challenges. But nothing is more important than sharing God’s free gift of eternal life.

Teens—especially visual learners—will appreciate this practical explanation of how Jesus saves us. As a bonus, they’ll be able to use it for evangelism purposes. It’s a handy, easy-to-remember tool for sharing their faith with friends.

The video below features wisdom from Larry Moyer, author of 21 Things God Never Said: Correcting Our Misconceptions About Evangelism. He explains how you can draw three circles and help lead someone to Christ. This practical visual will help youth leaders reach out to unchurched students. Plus, it will help teens prepare to reach out to their peers.

How to Explain Salvation to a Teenager

With three circles, you can explain why Christ’s death alone is sufficient. As Moyer says, “He didn’t make the down payment; he made the full payment.”

If people believe that works can save, they basically say Christ’s death was unnecessary. And if they say works plus Christ can save, they view his death as disappointing. In truth, salvation comes through Christ alone, and his death is sufficient.

What good news to share!