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Christian MLB Players & NFL Players on Why Baptism Is Important

A handful of Christian MLB players and Christian NFL players appear in this video produced by Sports Spectrum. The pro athletes and some of their wives discuss the significance of the sacrament of baptism.

Baptism Insights From Christian MLB Players & NFL Players

“I want my water baptism to lead to a conversation to people who need to know outwardly what’s happened to me inwardly.” That’s from New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis.

Matthew Slater, wide receiver for the New England Patriots, says baptism should be significant to Christ-followers. After all, one of the first things Jesus did was have John the Baptist baptize him.

Kyle Gibson, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins, says baptism is something we’re called to do as believers. It’s also an act that declares, “Hey, you guys know that I’m a Christian. But I just want to publicly do this because it’s something we’re called to do.”

Iris Ramirez, wife of former NFL player Manny Ramirez, says baptism is the “next step of obedience” after you decide to follow God.

Former MLB player Lance Berkman says baptism is “a public demonstration of allegiance to Jesus.” Essentially, being baptized is a way of saying, “I am identifying now with Christ. I’m dying to my old self and rising to walk in the newness of life.”

Todd Peterson, a former kicker in the NFL, says baptism is a “public expression.” “It’s standing before a body of believers and saying, ‘Look, God changed my life. I was dead, and now I’m alive. Would you help me walk in a manner worthy of God’s call on my life? And, oh by the way, I’d love to help you.”