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A graduate of the Moody Bible Institute and Columbia International University, Brett holds his BA in Pastoral Studies and his Masters of Divinity in Ministry Leadership and has served as an Associate Pastor of Discipleship, a Professor of Old Testament and New Testament History, and currently helps churches expand their ministry reach through technology at BoxCast, the live video streaming company. Brett is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and is an avid fan of the Cleveland Browns.

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This Pastor Saved a Woman’s Life by Donating His Liver

When a pastor in Illinois heard that the mom of a girl connected with his church had been diagnosed with cancer and needed a liver transplant, he made a remarkable decision. After talking with his wife, he decided to be tested to see if he could make a liver donation. 

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Craig Gross Has High Praise for the Spiritual Use of Cannabis

“I think Christians sit on the sidelines of a lot of conversations," says Craig Gross. Craig's latest venture is a Christian cannabis website, and this week on our podcast, he talks about his personal journey with using marijuana and why it's important for Christians not to be afraid of this topic.