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Cathe Laurie
Cathe was born in Long Beach, California but raised in the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia until she was in high school. Returning to California at age 14, she accepted Christ during the Jesus Movement in 1970. Cathe is the founder and director of Virtue, the women’s ministry at Harvest Christian Fellowship.

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Sri Lankan Church Leaders: ‘Why Was This Not Prevented?’

The Easter bombing attacks in Sri Lanka are raising a lot of questions. Specifically, if officials were warned of a potential terrorist threat, why didn't they take action to prevent it?

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Kara Powell: Teens Want Faith, Not Church

Kara Powell of the Fuller Youth Institute addresses parents' concerns over teens leaving the church. Powell says what may seem like a teen turning from faith may actually be a young person turning from forms of church that make sense to the parent, but not the child.