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Chris is a Department Chair for Liberty University’s School of Divinity. His teaching responsibilities include courses in Inductive Bible Study as well as a Theology of Suffering and Disability. Chris is a second year Doctor of Education student at Southeastern Seminary. His writing and research is focused on the areas of disability and theology. Chris and his wife Becky have one child, a son, whose disability has not diminished his love for life. Catch Chris on twitter @US_EH.

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Evangelicals Decry Trump’s ‘betrayal’ of Kurds in Syria

Evangelical leaders fear the President's decision to essentially step out of the way of advancing Turkish military forces may seal the bad fate of Christians and Kurds in Syria.

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Dave Vance: If You Want to Reach Your City, You Need...

Pastor Dave Vance says it's easy for churches to make assumptions that stop them from meeting their cities' physical and spiritual needs. That was the situation his church was in before they started asking the questions that enabled them to begin reaching their community for Christ.

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