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Jennie Pollock is Editor of UK media and communications at Newfrontiers. She has an MA in Philosophy and loves to read, think and write about the assumptions that underpin our cultural values. She also enjoys a good cup of English tea, attends ChristChurch London, where she’s learning and growing all the time, and loves London above almost anything else. Follow her on twitter @missjenniep

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16 (Nearly Free) Ways to Increase Community Awareness of Your Church

If the people in your community don’t know that your church exists, they won’t ever join your church. A frequently overlooked step in connecting with a community is simply building baseline awareness of a church in that broader community.

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Beth Moore, Part 1: How Galatians Is ‘Astonishingly Relevant’ to American...

“You name any issue on the table today in the church at large," says Beth Moore, "it's somewhere most likely reflected in [Galatians].”