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Hi, my name is John and I love coffee. There are few things in life that I feel merit precise orchestration with no room for error, coffee is one of them. My life belongs to Jesus. I graduated from Biola University in Spring ’13 with a BA in political science and am currently a graduate student at Liberty University. I am content finding a local coffee shop and writing or reading for hours. Some of my favorite authors are C.S. Lewis, Eric Metaxas, John Bunyan and A.W. Tozer. I served in the Marines. Ooh-rah! Connect with John on Facebook (https://churchleaders-eszuskq0bptlfh8awbb.stackpathdns.com/johnreidblogs).

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Barna Study: This Is How Americans Feel About Going to Church

A new Barna study highlights the current attitudes Americans have toward attending church services. The results show, says the group, that "the reputation of the Church (locally and universally) is in question."

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God’s Extraordinary Work in the Ordinary Family

The book of Ruth has massive implications for how we live our lives in our ordinary families. It should be enough for us to live faithful and ordinary lives in our families and leave any extraordinary results to Him.

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Alan Hirsch and Mark Nelson: Being at Peace with the Mystery...

"It’s time for [church leaders] to go on a journey of renewal," say Alan Hirsch and Mark Nelson. This journey requires us to refuse to simplify our faith...and to be comfortable having more questions than answers.