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I graduated with a Bachelors in Religion from Liberty University and have been working with churches and missions organizations for 8 years. Currently I am on a trip around the world to do mission work. I will be going to India, Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia, Malaysia, Botswana, Swaziland, South Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, and Dominican Republic.

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New Conservative Resurgence Seeks to Correct Liberal ‘drift’ in SBC

A partnership of Southern Baptist pastors and laypeople has formed in response to what it considers theologically liberal trends in the SBC. The group is essentially calling for a new conservative resurgence.

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The Slippery Slope of Families Attending Church Less

There is a trend happening in churches. Families are attending church less frequently.  In most cases, families that used to attend twice a month are now attending church once a month. Families that used to come once a month are now only showing up at Christmas and Easter.

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Josh Gagnon: How to Make Your Church Fit Your Community

When it comes to planting a church, says Josh Gagnon, "Models will come and go, but the gospel remains the same.” The question is, how can your church most effectively reach your particular community?