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Matthew T. Martens is a trial lawyer, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, a 9Marks board member, and has delivered more than 100 sermons.

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Bible App Reveals Most Popular Bible Verses for 2019

Like other apps, the YouVersion Bible app tracks the activity of its users, including the most popular Bible verses. This year, users around the world highlighted, bookmarked, and shared this verse more than any other one.

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As parents, we want to give our kids great gifts at Christmas. We get their wish lists and get as much as our budget allows. But what if we focused on making memories instead of tons of gifts?

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Brady Boyd on the Need for Us to Turn Outrage into...

The modern church, says Brady Boyd, "has chosen some cheap substitutes to the original Great Commission." But there is a way we can correct our mission drift...and the key is the two greatest commandments.