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Mary Margaret is responsible for Workplace Ministries at EvanTell. She focuses on the 50% of the time that folks spend at work, equipping all of us to minister in the vast mission field of working life. Her ministry enables Christians who work in hardhats, in offices, at stores, hospitals, schools, banks, military, and government to share the gospel wherever they work. Mary Margaret speaks at churches, Christian business organizations, and at small group meetings and retreats.

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How to Tell If Your Family Has a Device Addiction

Has the next generation learned from us that a device is an addition or an addiction? Do they view them as an occasional enjoyment or an ongoing indulgence.

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"I thought a mom who used drugs when she was pregnant must not love her child," says Christina Dent, "[but then] I saw this mother who loved her son just as much as I loved my three sons, this fierce love, this desperate desire to do the right thing."