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R. Gracie Travis-Murphree, president of Heart of Christ, works in Honduras teaching authorities and ministries to rescue, care for, and restore victims of violence and empower justice. She has taught justice models in three countries, survived five assassination attempts, and is a country condition expert on violence and gangs in Honduras for asylum cases in U.S. Immigration courts. Since 2005, she and her husband have lived in Honduras, where they operate a justice center, victim’s crisis office, a refuge, and home for girls pregnant by rape or incest.

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Pastor Helps Rescue Girl: ‘God literally led us’ to Her

A pastor who helped to rescue an eight-year-old girl kidnapped in Fort Worth, Texas, on Saturday says that he is no hero, but that God did use him. Pastor Jeff King believes that, after several hours of searching, God led him and his friend to the hotel where the girl’s assailant was keeping her.

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Fruit of Discipleship “I’m Not Sure I’m Cut Out for This...

As a parent, I can at times become discouraged when I don’t see the fruit of discipleship evident in my children’s lives. Like most Christian parents, I wonder, “Have a done this thing right? Have I shared the right things? Have I been a good disciplemaker?" Find out more about discipling kids.

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Anthony Thompson: What Happened When I Forgave My Wife’s Murderer

The Emanuel AME church shooting cut short the lives of nine people. Rev. Anthony Thompson lost his wife, Myra. He was also the first to publicly offer the shooter, Dylann Roof, forgiveness.