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Sarah Clarkson loves great books and thinks everyone else should, too. She's editor and queen at storyformed.com, a website on reading and imagination, she blogs on beauty, literature and faith at thoroughlyalive.com, and she just published her third book, Caught Up in a Story. She's currently hails from Oxford where she studies theology.

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Demi Lovato: I Was Looking for God in All the Wrong...

In a recent Demi Lovato interview, the singer shared how in the time since she was hospitalized for a drug overdose, she has started attending church and looking for her happiness in God and other meaningful relationships.

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Cultivating & Guarding Children’s Love for Jesus

We have read about Jesus with children. When it comes to sharing the love of Jesus, let’s always make sure it includes children. And then let’s do all we can to guard their trust in Jesus.

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Meg Meeker: What You Need to Know About Teen Sex, Depression,...

Never think, says Dr. Meg Meeker, that you have no power to help your teens navigate challenges like social media, depression, and premarital sex. The dangers are real, she says, but "there’s a lot parents (and youth leaders) can do.”