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Scott Postma is a Christian humanist who lives with his family in North Idaho. After 20 years as a church planter and Christian educator, he now dedicates his time to writing and teaching, sharing valuable insights into the arts and humanities, and meaningful perspective on faith and culture. You can follow him at scottpostma.net.

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Study Shows How ‘COVID-19 World’ Impacts Bible Engagement…and It’s Not Good

Research from Barna and the American Bible Society for the "State of the Bible 2020” has found that Americans’ engagement with Scripture has suffered significantly over the course of the pandemic.

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How to Tell If Your Family Has a Device Addiction

Has the next generation learned from us that a device is an addition or an addiction? Do they view them as an occasional enjoyment or an ongoing indulgence.

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Matt and Laurie Krieg: This Is How God Saved Our (Mixed-Orientation)...

Both Matt and Laurie Krieg are primarily attracted to women. Yet God has used their "impossible marriage" to display the power and beauty of his love for us.