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Not Everyone Is Thrilled by Karen Swallow Prior’s SEBTS Appointment

Karen Swallow Prior, currently a professor at Liberty University and soon-to-be-faculty member of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS), is facing a lot of resistance...
gender pronouns

This Is How to Answer the Question About Gender Pronouns

Should Christians use a trans person’s preferred gender pronouns? On his latest “Ask Me Anything” podcast, Pastor J.D. Greear says that several principles lead him towards saying "yes."
New Creation Church

New Creation Church Buys Mall for $296M—Sans Fundraising

Joseph Prince's New Creation Church in Singapore announced it has purchased the StarVista mall for $296 million. The church's main location sits within the mall, and when church leadership heard the mall was for sale, they deemed the purchase to be in the best interest of the church.
grace life church

Pastor Denounces SBC for Liberalism and Love of Money

Jeff Noblit, the pastor of Grace Life Church in Alabama, has announced that his church will be removing itself from the Southern Baptist Convention. The congregation’s leaders can no longer support what he sees as the denomination’s increasing liberalism and idolization of money.
black friday deals for church leaders

2019 Black Friday Deals for Church Leaders

Church leaders and ministers will love these Black Friday deals. Instead of spending precious holiday time hunting for deals, check out these Black Friday deals we've found!
Hong Kong pastors

Hong Kong Pastors, Churches Stand in the Gap Amid Protests

Hong Kong pastors and churches are attempting to bridge the gap between police and protestors as the demonstrations have rolled into a sixth month.
chinese government

The Chinese Govt Is Scanning Churchgoers’ Faces, Fingers

The Chinese government has started gathering people’s biometric data to track church attendance at different locations in Hubei province. The news adds to the growing list of human and religious rights violations being committed by the Chinese Communist Party.
guided prayer

Judah Smith’s Guided Prayer Takes Aim at Anxiety, Fear

“Chelsea and I developed this practice together in order to guide our members in prayer, bring them inspiration, and help them better connect with God," Pastor Judah Smith says of the new Guided Prayer feature on the Churchome Global app.

Awana’s New Curriculum to Address ‘Greatest Challenge to the Future of the Church’

Concerned about the growing cultural hostility toward Christianity, Awana will be publishing a new Sunday school curriculum in order to meet what the ministry believes is the greatest challenge the church is facing.

Is Chick-fil-A’s Philanthropy Caving Because of Anti-LGBT Controversies?

Chick-fil-A’s donations to the FCA and Salvation Army weren’t related to those groups’ opinions on LGBT issues, the company says. However, many critics thought otherwise.

Folau Links Australian Bushfires to the Wrath Of God

Israel Folau has ignited controversy for saying in a sermon that the bushfires and drought ravaging the Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland are God’s punishment for the recent passage of same-sex marriage and abortion laws.
lakewood church

Kanye Makes Surprise Stop at Jail Before Speaking at Joel Osteen’s Church

Kanye West brought his Sunday service to Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church this weekend, two days after holding worship services for inmates at a local jail. While talking with Osteen, West made some statements many Christians will applaud, while including comments some might find troubling. 
female preachers

Here’s What You Need to Know About John MacArthur’s Stance on Female Preachers

Several weeks after telling Beth Moore to, “Go home,” John MacArthur revisited the issue of female preachers, again referring specifically to Moore.
Jeanine Anez

Bible in Tow, Jeanine Añez Assumes Presidency in Bolivia

In what indigenous groups are calling a right-wing military coup, opposition lawmaker and conservative Christian Jeanine Añez declared herself Bolivia’s interim president this week.
Wesleyan Covenant

Traditionalist Vein of the UMC Still Contemplating Breaking Away

At its fourth annual global meeting, the Wesleyan Covenant Association discussed in detail its plans to separate from the United Methodist Church to form a new, traditionalist denomination. However, the group is also considering staying in the UMC depending on the outcome of the 2020 General Conference.
anthem of hope

Jarrid Wilson’s Widow: Please Pray for Tonight’s Anthem of Hope Event

For the first time since the tragic passing of her husband, Jarrid Wilson, Juli Wilson will be speaking publicly at an Anthem of Hope event.
Nick Foles injury

Nick Foles Injury: ‘It’s Not About Me!’ NFL Player Says

Nick Foles' injury has cost the Jaguars several weeks of playing without their star quarterback. But according to Nick, it's just another trial in a life dedicated to serving Jesus.
sexual attraction

Should Christians Be Worried If They Feel No Sexual Attraction?

In a culture that idealizes romance, it’s easy for people who do not experience sexual attraction to feel as though something is wrong with them. That is the experience of one young woman who wrote to John Piper’s "Ask Pastor John" podcast.
Wisconsin legislature

Bible-Week Resolution Passes Easily in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin legislature overwhelmingly passed a resolution to recognize the week of Thanksgiving as National Bible Week. They also decided to call the evergreen on display at the capitol over the holiday season a "Christmas tree."
kaduna state

Girls, Staff Members Kidnapped from Christian-Run High School Released

“Several people prayed in churches and mosques,” Ohemu Fredrick told reporters regarding the returned students and staff members. “Through their prayers, God brought us help. God used a former governor of Kaduna state to assist us.”

Latest News

‘Peeing Pastor’ Hunt Comes to an End

The Rev. Danny Chalmers of Catch the Fire Church in Durham, North Carolina has been identified as the “well-known pastor” charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly urinating on a fellow passenger on a flight to Detroit.

New Podcasts

Ed Stetzer: How to Pastor People in an Age of Outrage

It's hard to pastor Christians in the age of outrage. In a time of bitter arguments and divisiveness, Ed Stetzer offers leaders a thoughtful way to approach the hot-button issues of the day.