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James MacDonald

Elders Fire James MacDonald, Believe He Is ‘harmful’ to the Church

Citing leaked audio footage aired during a radio program, the elders of Harvest Bible Chapel "accelerated" their decision to fire Senior Pastor James MacDonald.

Chris Pratt Defends His Church From Anti-LGBTQ Allegations

Chris Pratt recently responded to criticism that he attends a church that promotes hatred against the LGBTQ+ community.
suicide stigma

Police Believe Pastor Staged His Suicide to Look Like a Murder

A retired pastor in Michigan is believed to have staged his own death to look like a homicide in order to protect his family from the suicide stigma.
Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi Is ‘Free’ but Cannot Leave Pakistan

Asia Bibi remains in Pakistan despite having been acquitted nearly two weeks ago of any criminal charges.
Nashville churches

Nashville’s 2 Million Residents Being Prayed for By Name

Nashville churches are united in a campaign to pray for every person in Nashville by name. The campaign is a month-long united effort of prayer and fasting.
Christian artists

Daigle and Kelly Win at the Grammy Awards

Christian artists Lauren Daigle and Tori Kelly both had big wins at last night’s 61st Annual Grammy Awards.
Beth Moore Twitter

Beth Moore: The Very Sad Reason Some People Aren’t Shocked by Abuse

Beth Moore has taken to Twitter to respond to an article published by the Houston Chronicle profiling cases of sexual abuse in Southern Baptist Convention churches. Her response doesn't stray from her candid yet graceful style.
#churchtoo sbc

The SBC Can’t Blame Lack of Accountability on Church Autonomy

The latest iteration of the #churchtoo movement involves a six-month investigation into the Southern Baptist Convention completed by the Houston Chronicle.

How Kavanaugh and Gorsuch Did on Their First Pro-Life Test

Last Thursday, the Supreme Court temporarily blocked an abortion law that would have limited doctors in Louisiana to providing abortions only if they had “admitting privileges” to a hospital within 30 miles.
National Prayer Breakfast

Trump Promises: ‘I will never let you down’ at National Prayer Breakfast

Despite misspeaking during his address, Trump was all confidence and promises during the 2019 National Prayer Breakfast.
La Lomita

Iconic Church Stands to Lose Land in Border Barrier Construction

The iconic La Lomita chapel in Mission, Texas, could potentially lose big in the construction of a border wall in southern Texas.

Pastor Who Was Kidnapped in Myanmar Is Now Reported Dead

A pastor in Myanmar (formerly Burma) who was missing for two weeks is now dead. Five people kidnapped Pastor Tun Nu from his home at gunpoint on January 19 for reasons that remain unclear.

The Sexual Abuse of Nuns Exists and Is Ongoing, Pope Admits

Pope Francis has publicly acknowledged another major controversy the Catholic Church has looming on its radar: the sexual abuse of nuns at the hands of priests.
Christian millennials

Faith-Sharing Is Wrong, Say Half of Christian Millennials

Although many Christian Millennials say they’re well-equipped to share their faith and are even “gifted” at it, almost half say it’s at least somewhat wrong to share personal religious beliefs with someone of another faith.
church planting

Study: Unprecedented Growth Possible in Next 30 Years

A new study on church growth, decline and retention has significant application for the world of church planting.

Father: John Chau’s Death Is the Result of ‘Extreme Christianity’

Missionary John Chau was killed when he illegally attempted to make contact with an isolated tribe in the North Sentinel Islands. Chau’s father, Dr. Patrick Chau, holds the American missionary community responsible for his son's death.
food porn

Watch Out for This ‘Food Porn’ Commercial During the Big Game

Food porn may be a trending hashtag on social media, but now it's coming to television. It seems advertisers have hit a new low making light of a serious problem.

New Research: Religion Linked to Happiness and Good Citizenship

A new report from Pew Research Center suggests that being actively involved in a religion has a positive impact on people and perhaps even society in general.
church shooting mother emmanuel

Synagogue Shooting Survivors Seek Healing at Mother Emanuel

Survivors of the Mother Emmanuel Church shooting have a lot in common with a congregation of Jewish worshippers in Pittsburgh. A group of survivors from Tree of Life Synagogue traveled to Charleston to seek lessons on forgiveness and healing from members of Mother Emmanuel.
Gateway Church Coffield Campus

Robert Morris Surprises Congregation With New Campus Announcement

Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church had a surprise announcement for his congregation. The church's newest campus will be very hard to access but will likely make a huge impact.

Latest News

Police in Wales Stop Church Service After Members Ignore Lockdown

Police broke up a service being held at New Hope Community Church in Cardiff, Wales, Sunday evening because members were meeting in defiance of new lockdown measures.

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