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Leading your church is not only about preaching and teaching, but it is also about your relationship with Jesus. You will also find christian news, inspiration, encouragement, and help to keep your relationship with God strong and vibrant.

Wheaton meeting

What Really Happened at the Wheaton Meeting?

It’s been two weeks since the invitation-only Wheaton meeting of evangelicals, but both Christian and secular media are still running op-ed pieces about the gathering.
prison reform

Prison Reform Will Restore Hope, Dignity and Value to Inmates

Hundreds of Christian leaders are supporting prison reform legislation working its way through Congress.
Qur’an palimpsest

Found Beneath This Ancient Qur’an Manuscript: the Bible

Faint Coptic letters were found behind the Arabic script in an ancient Qur'an palimpsest. Experts discovered the Coptic text was from the Old Testament’s Book of Deuteronomy—part of the Torah and the Christian Old Testament.
Jesus the Homeless

Artistic Reminder of Our Sacred Duty to the Poor Adds a New Location

The near life-size bronze sculpture titled "Jesus the Homeless" depicts Jesus as a homeless person sleeping on a bench. The statue has been described as a "visual translation" of the Gospel of Matthew passage in which Jesus tells his disciples, "As you did it to one of the least of my brothers, you did it to me"
California AB 2943

California Pastors Are Worried. Here’s Why

Concern is growing among pastors and Christian counselors that California AB 2943, working its way through the state assembly, would put them at odds with the law if they hold to biblical standards of sexuality.
Donna Barrett Assemblies of God

First Woman to Serve on Executive Leadership Team of AG

The Assemblies of God (AG) has just elected its first woman to serve on the AG Executive Leadership Team. On Monday, April 23, 2018,...
housing allowance

Housing Allowance Now in the Crosshairs of Atheists

Pastors are fighting back amidst efforts to strip them of their housing allowance tax exemption. More than 5,000 have already signed on to an Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) campaign defending the exemption.
Bill Hybels Investigation

New Allegations Surface in Bill Hybels Investigation

At a meeting last Friday night at Willow Creek Church, the board of elders told members that a new Bill Hybels investigation was about to begin amid more allegations of misconduct.
highlands church scottsdale

Arizona Pastor Placed on Leave for 40-Year-Old Abuse Allegations

The allegations surfaced after multiple women told the Modesto Bee that Les Hughey—who founded Highlands Church Scottsdale—victimized them while he was working as a youth pastor at First Baptist Church in Modesto, California, in the 1970s.
Bob Buford

Bob Buford: Mega-Force Behind Megachurch Movement Dies at 78

In 1999, Bob Buford helped sell the family business interest in order to create philanthropic initiatives designed to serve churches.
Egypt church

More Churches to Be Built in Egypt

Egypt church buildings are about to increase as the country has legalized 166 churches making it easier for Christians to build houses of worship.  
Tammie Jo Shults

Southwest’s Tammie Jo Shults: Hero, Pilot and Christian

Tammie Jo Shults is likely to become a household name after she managed to keep her cool and successfully land a Southwest Airlines plane...
barbara bush quotes

Remembering the Wit and Candor of Barbara Bush

Never one to hide what was on her mind, several Barbara Bush quotes will be remembered for a long time.
Barbara Bush

Former First Lady Barbara Bush—Known for Her Faith—Dies at 92

Barbara Bush, wife of former President George H.W. Bush and mother of former President George W. Bush, has died at the age of 92. A...

A New Fissure in the Evangelical Movement

About 50 prominent evangelical leaders are attending an invitation-only gathering this week at Wheaton College to discuss the future of evangelicalism—more specifically, the condition of the movement and the divide that resulted from the election of President Donald Trump.
David Platt racism in church

David Platt Asks: Why Is T4G ‘So White’?

David Platt asks a very pertinent question in his message at the T4G conference this year. “I don’t want to presume there are easy answers here,” Platt said gravely.
Jimmy Carter's faith

Jimmy Carter on the Progress of the Evangelical Church

You could say that former President Jimmy Carter has been on the cutting edge of progress for much of his life. This includes his...
christian metal

Christian Metal Has Lost a Band. And the Church a Brother

When Underoath returned following a hiatus, the Christian Metal band announced it no longer identifies as a Christian band, and singer Spencer Chamberlain says he is no longer a Christian.
Christians in the Middle East

Arabs Are Looking to the Heavens to Find the Gospel

Evangelism can be difficult and dangerous for Christians in the Middle East, but Christian ministries are finding a new way to deliver the gospel. And people there are responding.
Sex Trafficking

The Big Win in the War Against Sex Trafficking You Didn’t Hear About

President Trumps signs bipartisan bill into law that lets state law enforcement officials pursue websites that knowingly host sex trafficking content and allow victims to sue such sites for damages.

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Nona Jones: The Conversation on Race You Haven’t Heard Yet

When Nona Jones started speaking about racial injustice at the 2020 Global Leadership Summit, she said she knew some people may tune her out. But, she promised to take the conversation somewhere we likely haven’t been over these last several weeks of tension.

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