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How To Talk With a High School Senior Who Is Reconsidering Fall Plans

If your high school senior is feeling anxious about next year, he or she is certainly not alone. There are a few important ways to engage seniors who are in the throes of the “what’s next” decision.

10 Characteristics of Healthy Relationships

What are the characteristics of healthy relationships? Based on the way God relates to mankind in the first three chapters of Genesis, there are at least ten characteristics of a healthy relationship.

The Primary Apologetic for the Christian Faith

A personal conversion story is the primary apologetic for reaching people far from Jesus—regardless of time and context. And the great thing about this apologetic is: Every believer can master it!

3 Ways To Come Alongside Fathers Grieving a Miscarriage

How should men help men grieve miscarriage? Every miscarriage is unique, as is every grieving man. Loving well requires prayer, thought, and patience—but Jesus offers help. Here are a few pointers.

9 More Things About Asian American Christianity

This article highlights nine significant things about Asian American Christianity from my personal vantage point.

Lifeway Research: Pastors Split Over Ministry Return Time Frame for Pastors Who Commit Adultery

When a pastor commits adultery, most of their fellow pastors believe they should withdraw from public ministry for at least some time.

The Un-Talked About Pain of a Pastor: Recovering From Burnout

Is healing from burnout possible? Yes, out of winter comes spring. Out of compost comes rich soil. Out of death comes resurrection. This is the path Christ took and is inviting every pastor to plummet into.

A First Century Story for the 21st

Yassir Eric’s story highlights one of the most important and exciting movements in the global Christian church today. Christians all over the world should be celebrating and supporting the acts of bold 21st-century apostles such as Yassir.

Ukraine: What Might Be a Post-COVID Church

In late November, Brian Stiller met with Ukrainian church leaders to discuss matters of unity and public witness among evangelicals during the global pandemic.

How the Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Could Change Church Planting

While many themes are pertinent to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, here is what their story can teach us about what the future of church planting in North America should look like.

20 Truths from ‘Spiritual Detox: Discovering the Joy of Liberating Confession’

Confession is not a journey of depressing introspection but life-transforming liberation, heavenly joy that transcends earthly circumstances.

Voices with Ed Stetzer: “Silent No More? Political Activism in the Asian American Church”

On  June 28, 2020, as well over 1,000 Asian American Christians in Chicagoland gathered for a demonstration in support of black dignity and pride which was initiated by the Asian American Christian Collaborative.

Voices with Ed Stetzer: Standing Between White Privilege and Black Disprivilege: An Asian American Perspective

As a minority immigrant, I’ve personally encountered racism in both overt and subtle ways. I’ve witnessed the glass ceiling, aka bamboo ceiling, limit Asian Americans even in religious organizations.

Discipleship: The Convergence of the Missio Dei and the Imago Dei

Discipleship is all about learning what it really means to be human as God originally intended.

Three Questions Suffering People Ask Jesus and Three Responses Jesus Gives

When we experience suffering, we often ask Jesus some poignant questions. Here's what he has to say to us in the midst of our darkest moments.

When the Cultural Climate Gets Political, How Does the Church Stay Missional?

It almost goes without saying that America is living with a toxic political environment. In the midst of that, here are six things the Church can do to stay missional.

How the Fall Affected Evangelism

From the time of Adam and Eve’s Fall in the Garden, there are at least four reasons why believers find it difficult to engage with evangelism.

Listening is an A.R.T.

In the same way that creating and delivering sermons is an A.R.T., listening to them is an A.R.T. to be cultivated as well.

Preaching is an A.R.T.

Preaching is an A.R.T. Here's how this helpful acronym can empower you to preach sermons that make a transformative impact.

Church Decline and Recovery During COVID-19

What is the true state of church attendance patterns over the past year-and-a-half? The National COVID-19 Church Attendance Project examines whether people are returning to church after the pandemic.

New RNC Position on Life Is a ‘Tragic Retreat,’ Says Albert...

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Dr. Albert Mohler called the new Republican Party platform “one of the greatest disappointments of this season of my life,” in a conversation with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins.

Digital Expert Brad Hill Shares With Ed Stetzer What ‘Spiritually Open’...

Brad Hill joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to explain just how valuable a resource the internet can be for pastors and why digital ministry is not merely an on-ramp to get people into church.

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