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25 Best Articles on Leading Volunteers (That Get Them to Stay and Thrive!)

7 Ways to Scare Off Volunteers by Dan Scott

As church leaders, we are busy, but that’s not really a good excuse, is it? After all, our volunteers are busy, too. Many have full-time jobs, families and responsibilities outside of their volunteer role with the church. And they don’t get paid to do this. They do it because you made the big ask, they caught the vision and want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Make sure they feel and know how much you actually care for them and want their partnership in ministering to the next generation.

7 Reasons Why My Kidmin Volunteers Serve EVERY WEEK by Kenny Conley

You’ll have better volunteers faster when they serve every week. Practice and experience trumps knowledge. Encouragement and training nuggets every week are way better than quarterly or annual trainings.

5 Ways You MUST Lead Your Kidmin Volunteers by Greg Baird

Once the volunteer is in place, we seem too often to simply forget about them until there is a crisis. That’s a great way to lose volunteers. And it’s simply not right. I believe that, as leaders, our responsibilities for volunteers goes beyond simply enlisting them and putting them in to ministry. Our responsibility is to walk with them in the journey of faith and service.

13 Great Ways to Train Your Children’s Ministry Volunteers by Greg Baird

Next to “recruiting” volunteers, training is perhaps one of the most challenging elements of leading in Children’s Ministry. Here are 13 different ways to train volunteers.

How to Build Trust With Your Volunteers by Benjer McVeigh

An important part of leading volunteers is gaining and building trust. If volunteers don’t feel like they can trust you, your decisions, or your intentions, your team will either dwindle in numbers or become very unhealthy. Trust is more than just believing you; when volunteers trust their leader, they are willing to follow that leader and do just about anything he or she asks them to.

5 Volunteer Leadership Tips bChristine Yount Jones

I’m going to share with you the most amazing volunteer leadership tips I’ve learned about leading volunteers through the experts in Children’s Ministry Magazine. Some of these tips…if you follow them…will make you a pro at leading volunteers.

How to Manage Unhappy Kidmin Volunteers by Greg Baird

In some case, the volunteer has every reason to be upset. Other times, you walk away shaking your head and the petty things people complain about. Either way, you have to deal with this volunteer. You do so (hopefully!) because of the love you have for them, but also because whether their complaint is valid or not, it can become a virus infecting other volunteers, parents and even the kids of your ministry.

What to Do With Toxic Adult Volunteers by Doug Franklin

So what do you do when an adult volunteer goes bad? The first thing is to resolve to deal with it. Too often we want to complain to the other volunteers, pastors or our spouses. Don’t do this. It leads to you talking about the problem and never dealing with it. The faster you confront the issue, the more effective your ministry will be. 

When Volunteers Quit by Toni Ridgaway

The truth is that volunteers quit for a number of reasons, and irresponsibility is only one of several possibilities. Remember — just like the children you serve, you only encounter your volunteers for up to three of the 168 hours that make up the week. Odds are you’re unaware of the marital struggles, emotional or mental health issues, financial pressures, or parenting challenges your volunteers face.

Why Your Best Volunteers LEAVE by Stephen Brewster

In reviewing a recent article in Forbes magazine on why top talent leaves business, here are some trends that tend to surface as common reasons people become disenfranchised.

The Non-Confrontationalist’s Guide to Leading Through Confrontation by Gina McClain

In this session, I unpacked three reasons why you would choose to lean into conflict rather than step back from it. And I shared four steps I use to lead through conflict.  I believe everyone can be a better leader by applying these simple steps.

5 Thoughts on Leading Children’s Leaders by Justyn Smith

I have a great team of leaders—both paid staff and volunteers. I am very much a macro manager. Personally, I don’t have the patience to oversee every little thing that is done. In fact, that’s why I hire leaders, so I don’t have to. Here are 5 thoughts on leading those who lead.

Recruiting Volunteers Like Jesus Did by Jim Wideman

Jesus managed to get people recruited without bulletin inserts. Without announcements made from the pulpit. Somehow, he was able to recruit people as “disciples,” which involved more than a six-month commitment and a willingness to attend a couple training meetings. That’s why Jesus is my model for recruiting volunteers.


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