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12 Things Anyone Can Do to Lead Others Better

9. Watch and listen to yourself teach.

We’ve already talked about this, but whenever you can, video yourself in different settings and learn what you can. Listen to yourself on CD. I record every meeting and listen to see where I mussed it, how I can improve, and see what worked, and try to duplicate that again. Have someone take pictures of you in action. Seeing yourself the way others see you is always eye-opening. Listen to your spouse. God gave them to be a partner with you. Listen to their advice and do it! Swap DVD’s with another CP and help each other improve!

10. Catch people doing things right.

It’s so easy to make a list of the things people do wrong, but what would happen as you lead others if you were always pointing out their good characteristics?

Thank you notes are huge. They are real difference makers. Look for every opportunity to lead by encouragement. People who lead by fear are bullies. Brag on people every chance you get and always remember to use your M.B.W.A. (Management By Walking Around) degree. People don’t do what you expect—they do what you inspect! The more you seek to be a blessing, the more you will truly be one to the others you lead!

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Jim Wideman is an internationally recognized voice in children’s and family ministry. He is a much sought after speaker, teacher, author, personal leadership coach, and ministry consultant who has over 30 years experience in helping churches thrive. Jim created the Children’s Ministers Leadership Club in 1995 that is known today as "theClub" which has touched thousands of ministry leaders each month. Jim believes his marching orders are to spend the rest of his life taking what he has learn about leadership and ministry and pour it into the next generation of children’s, youth, and family ministry leaders.