Praying to Speak and Listen

Prayer is one of the primary vehicles God uses to deliver us into His plan and purposes.

Megachurches Keep on Growing

While many churches have been experiencing difficulty during our economic recession, most of our megachurches are not just surviving, but are actually...

Kick-Start Your Church

Ed Stetzer encourages leaders to have a clear sense of calling.

My Questions

You may have noticed that we often report on things we have learned from Protestant pastors.  Perhaps you are writing a book or...

Kick-Starting the Plateaued and Declining Church, Part 3

This series on church revitalization entitled "Kick-Starting the Plateaued and Declining Church" is being adapted from an article that I co-wrote with...

Recovering Relevance

Ed Stetzer explains cultural relevance as a necessary tool for missional ministry.

Leadership Book Interview with Tom Harper

Tom Harper, president of Networld Alliance, has written a new book called Leading from the Lions' Den. Tom has a passion for churches...

A New Generation's Perspective on Influence

In August of 2009 Lifeway Research conducted a study of those born between 1980-1991. Those individuals are referred to as "Millennials," and that...

Fast Company, Twitter, and Influence

Ed Stetzer asks if Twitter delivers the right kind of influence for ministry.

Why We Do Research on Churches

I rarely respond to a book review. But, recently I found one that was so well written, and expressed such an important...