Fast Company, Twitter, and Influence

Ed Stetzer asks if Twitter delivers the right kind of influence for ministry.

Why We Do Research on Churches

I rarely respond to a book review. But, recently I found one that was so well written, and expressed such an important...

Leadership Book Interview: Kary Oberbrunner on Your Secret Name

Kary Oberbrunner serves as a pastor at Grace Church in Ohio. He founded a life-coaching movement called Redeem the Day and has written...

Does the Church Building Matter?

Will the unchurched visit a church that meets in a non-traditional venue?

Calling for Contextualization: Part 8 Ruining and Recovering Relevance

In leading or planting a church, central to your calling is the proclamation of the gospel in words and works of grace. As...

Barna on Diversity of Faith in US Cities

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Gabe Lyons Identifies Traits of the Next Christians

Ed Stetzer enjoys a breakfast conversation with the co-founder of Catalyst.

The Problem with Pastors as Rock Stars

The “rock star” problem is a sin issue, not a “size of church” issue.

Leadership Book Interview: Hugh Halter on The Tangible Kingdom Primer

Hugh Halter serves as national director of Missio, an apprenticing network for the missional movement. Along with co-director Matt Smay and...