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Setting the Stage for Worship (Literally)

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Staging equipment can be found in most worship venues. Equipment can be as simple as a rectangular stage with skirting, 24” above the floor to elevate speakers or musicians. Or it could be an expanded, multi-tiered choral riser to house the performance choir. Another option could be a stage extension. Stage extensions are a preferred choice for venues that already have a stage but are looking for more space. These extensions are portable stages, designed to perfectly match the size and shape of the existing stage to create an appearance that looks and feels permanent. As a leading designer and manufacturer for performing art centers, theaters, and worship facilities, Staging Concepts continues to impress the nation with top-of-the-line staging solutions.

For nearly 30 years, they have excelled at designing unique solutions that enhance the experience for both the audience and those on stage, and each solution is bound to make an impact. No matter the size of the venue or the size of the congregation, Staging Concepts delivers superior staging and riser solutions to suit any worship facility.

Staging Platforms

Multiple products make worship staging solutions possible. For instance, the leading SC90® Platform is well known throughout the performing art and worship industries. These durable stages are designed to be portable, affordable, easy to use, and easy to transport. Each SC90® Platform is made with the finest quality, requiring no tools, making setup and tear down efficient. To create larger staging solutions, simply lock the platforms together using the included T-handle. The load capacity for a standard 4’ x 8’ platform is 150 lbs. per square foot. If additional support is needed, more support beams can be installed to increase the load rating.

In addition to the SC90® Platform, the SC Choral Riser is another preferred choice to heighten the performance experience for worship halls. The SC Choral Riser is versatile, demountable, and ideal for holding choir or band members. It is both compact and durable, making it ideal for worship performances of any size. To accommodate various settings or events, the riser system can be easily transformed into several configurations, such as an arced or straight layout. The mobile casters make moving the SC Choral Riser easy and can be done by just one person. This feature is ideal for worship facilities that have a limited number of staff available for setup and tear down between performances. Equally important, when not in use, the SC Choral Riser can be folded up and stored using minimal space, all without using any tools.

Aside from the SC Choral Riser, another option is Staging Concepts’ new Riser Platform. The Riser Platform was designed with worship and small theater spaces in mind. It is similar in design to the SC90® Platform but is lighter and offers a 100 lb. per square foot load rating. Like the SC90® Platform, the Riser Platform is available in multiple sizes, both standard and custom, and multiple finishes. Finishes for both platforms include polyvinyl (black or gray), plyron, carpet (black or gray), and acrylic (opaque or clear).

To accompany any of these products, a variety of accessories can be sold as part of the solution. Multiple guardrail options are available to provide safety to the patrons and comply with various building codes. Standard options include the IBC Guardrail and 2-Line Guardrail, and ornamental railing options include the Invisirail, Tensiline, and Gridguard guardrails. All styles can easily attach to any platform.

Additionally, chair stops and closure panels can be added to any platform solution. Chair stops prevent chairs from falling off or slipping between various levels of riser systems. Closure panels also act as a chair stop and create a finished appearance for the overall staging layout.

For any potentially dimly lit performances, aisle lighting is a great addition to seating risers. Aisle lights help guide patrons up and down the aisles, primarily in dark settings.

Create a Custom Solution

Performance facilities of all sizes rely on multiple components to make a groundbreaking performance. Often, this is accomplished with a one-of-a-kind custom solution. Because no two worship venues are identical in appearance, functionality, and adaptability, custom staging and riser solutions are a great way to make a lasting impression.

Designing and providing customized staging solutions is Staging Concepts’ specialty. They are known throughout the entertainment industry for their ability to develop and bring to life creative solutions to suit any venue or architect’s needs. The team has more than 50 engineers in-house, and a vast group of sales representatives and project managers to carefully and appropriately handle all staging requests – both standard and custom. Custom staging solutions can maximize the functionality of any space, while providing a durable, long-lasting system that complements the venue.

Venues with limited space for their performers, speakers or congregation are a great candidate for a custom Staging Concepts solution. In these cases, Staging Concepts’ experienced team will design a solution to precisely meet the required specifications for the limited setting, and still provide an overall pleasing atmosphere. Time and time again, Staging Concepts has proven that their team can and will design a superior staging solution that will shine during each performance.

Visit www.stagingconcepts.com for more details on Staging Concepts.

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