How To Reach a TikTok Teen

You can also create a social media advisory board and fill it with diverse voices, including Gen Zers. A team can be as formal or informal as you’d like, with the goal being the opportunity for different sets of eyes to look at your content before posting. Those young people engaged with social media can help you determine what to post, where to post, and when to post.

Stay up with the latest trends (but recognize where to invest your time)

Social media trends are all the rage, and they’ve been in style since the very beginning. From the Ice Bucket Challenge to promote ALS awareness to TikTok duets (a TikTok Teen favorite), people love to be in the center of the action. Think about how your church can take advantage of these trends. Look at what hashtags are trending on Twitter and try to post relevant content on those subjects. Examine the new features introduced by social media platforms. Short videos set to music are viral, with Instagram just releasing its “Reels” feature. Figure out how to incorporate popular memes or gifs into your posts. Humor is always on-trend, so, when applicable, add it to your social media strategy.

However, a word of caution: think about where to invest your time and how you want your brand perceived. Some of these newer social media platforms don’t last (RIP Vine), and some internet trends die down quickly. Is it worth creating a TikTok account, or would it be better to explore Instagram Reels? Where do you want people to find your church, and how do you want your brand to look?

Each generation brings something unique to social media—but it can be tricky to figure out how to engage with them. I hope that these ideas and tips will help you create accessible social media platforms for all!


This article originally appeared here, and is used by permission.