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The Dangers of Being Future Blind

future blind

I’m not a psychologist, but I’m declaring a new malady that I’m calling Future Blind. The symptoms could apply to a great number of people, and for many it can be deadly in a variety of ways.

I’m describing Future Blind as, “The inability to see anything beyond the present. To be blind to what’s coming. A failure to anticipate the future.”

The Dangers of Being Future Blind

An example would be someone who waits until the very last minute before making a decision, or someone who refuses to plan or consider future options or possibilities.

I have a friend that does this while driving. He never gets in a turn lane until it’s almost too late to make the actual turn. He doesn’t brake until the last minute, which causes his passengers to experience something close to a heart attack. He speeds up and slows down in jolts, because he’s not paying attention to what traffic is doing ahead.