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We Need to Be Serious About Church Security

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This isn’t normally a topic of mine, but recently, I visited a large church on the West Coast. The pastor asked me to come and even invited me backstage to chat before the service. So, that Sunday morning, I came a little early and went backstage. However, the church security team wasn’t having any of that nonsense.

Serious About Church Security

Obviously, churches, small and large, deal with the occasional over-enthusiastic visitor and sometimes outright nuts. So I mentioned that I was friends with the pastor, but that didn’t work either. He told me the pastor was preparing for the service and couldn’t be disturbed.

I suggested he ask the pastor (since the pastor invited me), but he refused to bother him.

So, I walked back out to attend the service. There was an open seat on the second row, so I took it. The worship service had already started, but before long, the same security guy told me I’d have to move back because the pastor had guests coming (probably me, huh?).

So, I moved back a few rows. Then, a couple of songs later, the security guy asked me to move again because the pastor’s family needed seats.

I kid you not: at that point in the service, by the time I found a seat it was on the back row of the sanctuary.

Of course, after the service, I was barred from coming backstage, so I went home. The next day, the pastor called, upset that I hadn’t come to the service!