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10 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Taught Me in Film School

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Professors teach you knowledge about your field – and that’s a huge challenge, which is why they don’t often have time to teach about the relational issues of your field. Here’s a handful of practical issues that I’ve learned over the years on TV and film sets around the world. Had I known them in film school, it might have changed the direction of my career.

10 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Taught Me in Film School

Let me know what you think of this list:

1. Hollywood doesn’t care about you.  Silicon Valley doesn’t care about you. Nobody cares about you. You have to earn it. Don’t be the first in line at lunch. Give up your seat for a client. Don’t take the closest parking space. We all know you’re a genius and should actually be directing the movie, but right now, you need to pay your dues. Take charge of your career because nobody else will.

2. Resumes matter less than demo reels and portfolios.  It’s too easy to stretch the truth on a resume, plus, producers want to see your work. Make it compelling, and make it current. Here’s a few tips of making your demo reel memorable.

3. Write more.  It’s all about writing. Even if you won’t want to become a professional writer, study writing. After all, before you decide to spend the next year working on a film, you need to know if the script is worth it.

4. Know how television REALLY works.  When I started in my career, I had no idea what a “show runner” was. In fact, although the role existed, I don’t think that title was actually invented. But with my skill set, it would have been the perfect career path. But because I didn’t know the business, I spent too many years moving in the wrong direction.

5. Pursue YOUR vision, not someone else’s.  Certainly you can start your career doing projects for other people. But if you’re serious about changing the world, don’t live at someone else’s whim.