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Three Decades of Advancements: Church Windows Software and Office Technology

Three Decades of Advancements: Church Windows Software and Office Technology

Back in the late 1980’s Computer Helper Publishing, a small computer company in Columbus, Ohio, began creating church management software using the then-advanced programming language called DOS. DOS allowed databases to be kept in a consistent, editable format by completing required fields, gathering data, and performing report output. Local Church Computing Systems (LCCS), was born in the forefront of church database technology. LCCS was an affordable way for churches to track members and related information, track giving & pledging, and track bills and budgets. During the same timeframe (when Buzz Lightyear wanted to take us “To infinity and beyond”) LCCS morphed into the Microsoft Windows-based Church Windows Management Software. This mid-90s evolution continued with advancements in all areas of the programs in terms of functions and features.

Let me to walk you through the components of Church Windows, highlighting some of the features that some of our 12,000+ church users have found helpful in their daily office tasks.

MEMBERSHIP: Database information gathering, and the ongoing challenge to keep it current, is a constant challenge for any business or non-profit organization, including churches. Church Windows Membership makes it simple by allowing you to create and prioritize both family and individual records. You can add new fields and arrange how they’re viewed on the screen. Drop-down type fields are easily created and help with data consistency. Reporting is made easy, and can be accessed by any set of criteria tracked in the database. Reports can be printed as XLS spreadsheets, TXT text files, or PDF documents. Emails may also be sent to individuals and groups who fit the specific criteria, along with the option to attach additional documents.

SCHEDULER: Scheduler is a huge help to ensure that two couples aren’t booked for sanctuary weddings on the same day! Just set up Scheduler to include your church building’s physical meeting spaces and also include the equipment owned by the church. Track events, people, and places; make it viewable by anyone with access to Church Windows Scheduler across the network.

DONATIONS: Fulfilling the church’s obligation to send giving statements to donors is just the tip of the monetary iceberg for Church Windows Donations. The statements can be completely customized to include the church logo and just about any desired layout. Giving Statements may be snail-mailed, emailed, or both, as individual givers request. Entering Donations is easy to learn and designed so that a volunteer can start helping in just minutes. Pledge tracking is a breeze with full comparative reporting.

ACCOUNTING: For true Fund Accounting software with an airtight audit trail, Church Windows Accounting fits the bill. You’re able to track different groupings of funs even if the church maintains a single checking account. You’ll know at a glance how much money has been set aside for what purpose, along with comparative reporting to know how spending compares to expected expenditures at any point during the year.

PAYROLL: For churches looking to save the cost of using a third-party payroll service or having to calculate payroll manually in-house, Church Windows Payroll is a great answer. Stay current with our Updates & Support program and you’ll always have the most current Federal and State tax amounts for USA (and for Canada). Whether your employees want printed checks or electronic deposit, the calculation process takes just a couple minutes. And being church payroll software, you will definitely have no issues handling Minister’s Self-Employment tax or other church-specific payroll idiosyncrasies. Totals that feed into Accounting are a huge time-saver and also prevent the potential for errors. (If you’re one of those people who might occasionally make a mistake.)

In 2019, we are celebrating 32 years of serving churches. We still have a large number of churches that have been Computer Helper Publishing clients from the days when we produced our DOS program! The average Church Windows Support Technician has 14 years’ experience with the program. We mention this longevity not to brag, but to reassure church leaders they will always have patient, knowledgeable help that’s just a phone call or email away.

If you’re considering church management software, we humbly ask you to look at one of the oldest and most-established names in the business: Church Windows. Visit us at www.churchwindows.com. At the bottom of almost any page of the site, request a free trial for either the Desktop or the Web version. There’s also a link for the personal touch on which we pride ourselves. We’ll gladly set up a one-on-one live demo webinar just for you! When you have questions about Church Windows, you can use old technology or new technology (we’re open to either land line or cell phone!) and call us at 800-533-5227.


Craig Chadwell was one of the original Church Windows Support Techs from the ‘90s when the software morphed from its earlier DOS predecessor. As Marketing Manager and Webmaster, he’s kept busy much of the year. But you might very well speak with him on a support call when the need arises. As with all other members of the Church Windows family, he’ll do whatever it takes to answer your questions as quickly and concisely as possible!