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What Should Christians Think of the Honduran Migrant Caravan?

Gracie says, “When people are suffering, we must do something to alleviate that suffering. This does not mean we open the doors to our homes and let anyone walk in. It means we act in wisdom, discernment and an orderly fashion to discern who needs help, who is safe and who is not. After discerning those who need help, we should then do whatever it takes to alleviate their oppression and empower them to live a life of peace and freedom.”

As the caravan gets closer to the United States border, the time for political judgments, division, and arguments will be over. The time is soon upon us, when we as a country that calls itself Christian, will not only meet the Erickas, but also the mother whose son’s gruesome murder by a gang was posted on her Facebook page, the children that watched their father behead their mother, and the many other victims fleeing Honduras who have endured heat, dehydration and exhaustion just to step foot on United States soil and begin the process of obtaining a Visa.

Like the preparations that take place when we hear of a hurricane coming, we too must prepare for this caravan of refugees. This is an unprecedented opportunity for the Church to respond intentionally with the gospel.

What Can Churches Do?

Churches all over America should check with national organizations like Samaritan’s Purse to ascertain the most immediate needs before the caravan arrives—even if they are turned back at the border. At the top of the list are food and water, hygiene supplies, interpreters, toys for children, medical personnel, legal aid, Spanish Bibles, and money.

Instead of boarding up our windows and splitting town before the gale winds start blowing, let’s prepare now to meet the Honduras caravan with Jesus.

More information on Gracie Travis-Murphree can be found here.