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‘Captain America’ Star: Those Who Oppose Same-Sex Kiss in ‘Lightyear’ Are ‘Idiots’; NAMB’s Next Gen Director Has Warning for Parents

Uza Aduba, the actress lending her voice to the lesbian character Alisha Hawthorne, told USA Today, “I’m happy to see Disney-Pixar sort of push through and blaze new trails in this space and I think it really creates the opportunity for children of all ages to dream and see themselves on screen.”

Keke Palmer, who voices Izzy Hawthorne in the movie, told people they need to be like Buzz and refurbish their idea of tradition. “Understand that it’s now, it’s to infinity and beyond. It’s time to more forward. It’s time to accept and enjoy all the faces that have always been there. They always been a part of the picture you just tried to paint them out.”

Also joining the historic animated franchise are James Brolin (Zurg), Bill Hader (Featheringhamstan), Isiah Whitlock Jr. (Commander Burnside), Taika Waititi (Mo Morrison), Dale Soules (Darby Steel), and Peter Sohn (SOX).

“Lightyear” has been banned in 14 Middle Eastern and Asian countries due to the same-sex relationship and kiss displayed in the movie.

NAMB’s Next Gen Director Shane Pruitt Shares Wisdom Regarding the ‘Lesbian Kiss’

Shane Pruitt currently serves as the National Next Gen Director for the North American Mission Board (NAMB). Pruitt recently travelled with the successful Winter Jam concert tour (Skillet, NewSong, Tauren Wells, KB, Colton Dixon), presenting the gospel every night to thousands of people across the country earlier this year.

Pruitt, who parents his five children alongside his wife Kasi, posted some insightful thoughts regarding the same-sex kiss in the newly released “Lightyear.”

On his social media accounts, Pruitt titled his thoughts “Concerning the new Buzz Lightyear movie & the ‘lesbian kiss.’”

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As a Christian you CAN do two things, said Pruitt. One, you can “completely abstain from watching it,” or two, you can “watch it and use that moment as a teaching opportunity with your kids to talk about what God’s best and original design is for relationships and marriage.”

Pruitt then wrote that there are two things you CAN’T do. One, you can’t “let your kids consume [“Lightyear”] and you stay silent. There is an intentional agenda, you must speak to it.” And two, you can’t “affirm and celebrate [the lesbian kiss]. We don’t celebrate what God condemns.”