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Rethink Outreach: 5 Tips to Share the Gospel Like Jesus

With others, I talked about the consequences of their actions and the reality of divine judgment and the suffering of our Lord to deliver us from such. And I watched people repent and believe on Christ.

With still others, I talked about how life only makes sense with Jesus. Without Him, it’s an elegant mixture of vanity and meaningless. And I watched people repent and believe on Christ.

To some (those sick or hurting), I’ve shared Christ as Healer. To others (those in present rebellion against God), I’ve shared Him as Judge. To some (those wracked with guilt), I’ve shared Him as Forgiver. To others (artists), I’ve shared Him as Beauty incarnate.

You get the idea.

Perhaps your experience is different, but most of the people I’ve shared the Lord with didn’t come to Him…immediately at least. But they were certainly nudged in His direction.

Some of them surrendered to Christ years later. Others still haven’t trusted in Him. Others, well, I have no idea as I’ve lost touch with them.

All told: I’ve learned that while the message of the gospel is always the same and changes not, how Christ is presented should differ from person to person. I could be wrong of course, but that’s how it seems to me. And this principle has shaped the way I talk with non-followers about the Lord.

That said, here are several things I personally keep in view when speaking to a non-Christian about Jesus:

1. Try to listen intently to the person and ask them questions. Listen outwardly.

2. Try to be sensitive to the Spirit while talking to them. Seek to discover what God has already done and is doing in their heart. Listen inwardly.

3. Look for an opportunity to allow the love of Christ to bleed through in their circumstances. Embody the gospel.

4. Never view an individual as a project, but as a person. A fellow human being. No more or less deserving than myself. The attitude is that of one beggar telling another where to find bread.

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