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9 Things That Worked in the Church a Decade Ago That Don’t Today

Want a better way to impact families? I know of no better approach than this.

The Orange strategy is the strategy we use, and our kids’ ministry is the fastest growing ministry at our church.

You can’t assume families will reach out to you, so you need to reach out to them.

2. Appealing to people out of guilt or obligation

The number of people who feel guilty about not being in church on Sunday shrinks daily.

Ditto with the number of people who will serve at a church because they feel they should.

Interestingly enough, Jesus never appealed to people out of guilt or obligation. He invited people.

The future church will as well.

3. Simply being better than other churches

When people went to church, being a better church than other churches got you mileage.

Most people no longer go to church.

Saying “we have a better church” is kind of like saying “we have better, organic, locally grown watercress” at a burger cook-off.

Most people just aren’t going to buy.

Better isn’t going to get you the mileage it used to.

Different will.

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