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9 Things I Will Teach My Son About God

8. Life isn’t always going to be easy.

The Christian life isn’t always going to be easy or without trial, but God promises us he will be alongside us the entire way. So many people think that just because they believe in Jesus means everything is going to be flawless and perfect. This really isn’t the case at all. You may have a relationship with Jesus, but this doesn’t mean life is going to stop moving forward, tough circumstances are going to cease to exist and rough times will never be a possibility.

Even though Jesus never said life would be easy, he did say he would be there for you in your times of need. The message of The Gospel isn’t that life will be perfect, but that in its imperfection we have a perfect and flawless Savior.

9. Not everything has a black and white answer.

When putting our lives in the hands of God, we must be ready to not understand everything that God does, why he does it and how long he will do it for. Some things only have one answer; to trust God even if it doesn’t make sense. It may seem like a shallow and cliché’ response, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Trusting God amidst our confusion is a spiritually deepening experience.

God won’t always give us clear and crisp directions. I want my son to trust in God for that in which he cannot see or comprehend with his own mind. I want my son to use God as his compass in life, directing him every step of the way.