The Erosion of Gender and You

gender erosion

Over the past few decades, we’ve slowly been eroding what it means to be male and female. Recently this movement has culminated in normalizing transgenderism and the vilification of anyone who stands upon a traditional definition of male and female. Just last week, President Obama mandated that public schools allow transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their stated gender rather than their biological gender. The University of Vermont and other colleges now allow students to select their preferred personal pronouns (like xe, hir or zir) in their student database. Read article here.

These shifts in how we approach gender encourage a young boy or girl to question, “Do I feel like a male or female?” As a result, the number of children seeking help for gender confusion has increased 1,000 percent within the last five years (source).

The powers that be claim that making gender fluid and subjective will bring freedom. I believe it is leading to bondage … a bondage that will wreak mass havoc on future generations. Yes, there are tragically some among us who experience profound brokenness in their sexuality and gender identification. The Gospel calls us to extend compassion and love in those circumstances. However, validating brokenness by redefining “health” will not set people free.

There is no freedom without the security of certain unquestioned assumptions. Psychological research has for decades validated the importance of predictability in our environment. Imagine if on your daily commute, you discovered that we no longer required drivers to stay on the right side of the road. Those who feel Australian or English could drive accordingly on the left side of the road. Would this “progressive” change make you feel more secure? We understand the need for certain unchanging truths in our physical world, but we seem to have forgotten their importance in our emotional and spiritual world.

While you are not likely to be one of the less than 1 percent of our population that battles gender confusion, you have undoubtedly been impacted by the erosion of your own understanding of male and female. The lines have become blurred leading to insecurity and confusion. Nowhere is this more evident than in marriage.