Burning at Both Ends

Hey leaders, believers, fathers, mothers, husbands and wives, do you ever feel like this picture of a candle?

Do you ever feel like there is no end in sight, no rest, no stopping? Are you flat worn out, burned out and bummed out?

Here are 4 thoughts that may help:

1. You are not alone. Everyone goes through some type of down time at some point in life. Everyone has to play hurt every once in a while. Know you are not alone and that there have been many that have walked before you and come out with chins up and even stronger than before.

2. There is likely a reason for your strife. What is it? Do you need to say “no” to something? Are you building in times of rest? See if you can pinpoint a few sources. Is there someone close to you that could help carry a burden you may be carrying on your own?

3. You don’t have to stay there. It is ok to BE there, but you don’t need to STAY there. See if you can isolate the issue to a few things and work on one thing at a time. Put a plan in place and pray your way through the plan. Ask someone around you to help you as you work your way to break through.

4. Learn to manage energy well. Check your diet, your exercise levels, your levels of rest. You can both deplete energy levels as well as multiply energy levels, depending on how well you learn to manage those levels.

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Chad Missildine
Chad Missildine is a Pastor with LifeChurch.tv in Fort Worth, Texas with a focus on leadership & community development. In three years, he has helped develop the first LifeChurch.tv campus outside of the Oklahoma metro area to reach a weekly attendance of over 1,000 people. Prior to ministry, Chad was an entrepreneur in real estate, luxury home construction & business. He blogs regularly at TheWayItCouldBe.com, encouraging cultural impact through personal transformation.

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