Today’s Guest Post is from Michael Perkins, a good friend, blogger, artist and a regular guy who likes things simple.
Michael blogs at TheHandwritten.com and hangs
on Twitter here: @MichaelDPerkins

I write all the time.

Sermons. Poems. Blog posts.

Always writing.

And because I wrote so much, I am constantly editing. I’m always looking for things that I need to delete or add in to make whatever I’m working on better.

It’s not the funnest part of writing, but it’s probably the most important.

The last thing I want to do is put something out there that is flawed. (Plus it’s really embarrassing when someone messages you to say that you messed up.)


I’ll spend a few extra minutes to look over things before I publish them.

Which makes me wonder…

Why don’t we do the same right now?

A New Year is upon us.

And with that we have the opportunity to start fresh. We have the opportunity to edit our lives.

We can delete the things that are unimportant.


We can add in things that enhance them.

Regardless of what we need to do; now is the perfect time to edit.

So will you be doing some editing?

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Chad Missildine is an executive coach, consultant and speaker serving business, government and non-profit leaders. Chad was a leader and pastor at Life.Church for 11+ years, coaching and training hundreds of Life.Church pastors and business leaders at 33+ locations. He served on the Life.Church Central leadership team, helping to shape culture and stewardship as the Central Director of Generosity. Chad also provided coaching and consulting for many churches and non-profits from around the globe. He manages a multi-million dollar real estate company and mentors entrepreneurs. You can connect with Chad at chadmissildine.com.